Weight loss update #2

So, since January 3rd of this year I’ve lost 24 pounds total.  I lost 10 of it in January, slacked off for a while, and lost the rest since after July 4th weekend.  I’ve been eating pretty good for the most part and I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since July 8th.  I haven’t been on a strict low carb/paleo diet but I’ve been watching my carbs and when I do eat them, I save them for the first part of my day and I try to make them fruits.  I eat rice or bread maybe once a week and I’d have to think real hard about the last time I had pasta.  If I have sweets it’s only a bite or two of my boyfriend’s dessert, or a dark chocolate square.  I’ve been drinking lots of tea with stevia and I switched to coconut milk creamer (only 10 calories/tbsp) and stevia if I have coffee.  The thing I’ve found most challenging (other than not drinking) is to stick to a lower carb diet while also not eating a ton of fat.  It’s really hard!  Most high protein foods also have a lot of fat unless it’s baked chicken breast which is boring and dry.  So I’ve been supplementing with some high protein/low carb, plant based protein drinks.  I have one now that’s vanilla chai flavor and it’s actually pretty good.  Also, the whole willpower thing has been hard but I’m doing it.  I say “no” A LOT.  It’s hard where I work.  My co-workers and clients are always bringing us food like brownies, and cookies, and muffins drizzled with icing, but I stay away.  As my friend Ali once said “I know what it tastes like.”

I’m back in school so it’s been hard to go to the gym every day, but I still go and sometimes I work out from home.  I also got a Groupon with a co-worker of mine for some Aerial Silks/Aerial Yoga/Yoga classes.  I’m kind of hooked.  I want to move into a place with higher ceilings so the old man can install me my own rig.  Next we’re gunna get a deal for some Barre classes.  I’ve heard they’re hard so I’m up for the challenge.

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’m only four pounds away from my goal after trying for so damn long.  Like years.  And once I reach that goal I’m not going to stop.  It was a realistic goal I set for myself and once I reach that I’ll set another one.

Saturday is Tim and I’s 6th anniversary so we’re going to dinner Friday night at DoveCote.  I bought a dress (I hope it fits!), I have an appointment to get a blowout (I can’t do my own hair), and it’ll be my first alcoholic drink in 85 DAYS!  I. Cannot. Fucking. Wait.

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1 Response to Weight loss update #2

  1. mlhintzen says:

    Proud of you. Love you.

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