Weight loss update #1

It’s been about 3 weeks into this losing weight thing.  As of yesterday morning I’m down almost  7 pounds and back to where I was the day I left for New Orleans on February 4th.  Which is good, but it could be better.  As far as food goes, I’ve been sticking to a paleo diet about 90% of the time.  I’ve had a couple bites of lumpia, I’ve had some crumbled goat cheese on a salad, and a few glasses of milk.  Just little stuff here and there.  As far as drinking, I’ve been sticking to vodka/soda/limes.  Sometimes I’ll add a stevia packet in there if I’m drinking at home.  I’ve been really good about not drinking at home but I’ve been out a few times and did drink a lot. And of course when I’m drunkypoo I don’t care about what I drink so I have had several beers.  I don’t have any plans other than this Sunday’s Salsa Fest so hopefully the excessive going out and drinking will dicipate. 

I’ve been going to the gym for cardio 3-6 days a week.  If I can’t make it to the gym I try to get outside and walk/jog.  Usually I bring Hippo along.  I’ve also been doing calisthenics at home for 10-20 minutes and I just bought a pretty neat resistance band set off Amazon for $22.  

I’m currently writing this while on a break in jury duty. I really hope I don’t get picked for this case. The trial could last a week and I really don’t want to sit in a courtroom for 8 hours a day for 5 or 6 days. Fingers crossed!

My goal is to lose another 7-10 pounds in 3 weeks when I update again.

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