Driving a lowrider sucks; a message to future me about buying a car.

Well, it’s been a year and 3 months since I purchased my current car and I can officially say I hate driving it. I don’t hate IT, IT is cool. I just hate driving it. And here’s why:

So wha ha happen was….some 18 year old kid that looked like Jeremy Freedman on the Simpsons, “was distracted” and rear ended me going about 50 mph.

Totally got knocked the fuck out, got a nifty ride in an ambulance, missed 3 days of work, bla bla bla. I get word about a week later that my car has been totaled. Great.
So, I start looking for a car. I’ve always wanted an 04′ or 05′ Civic Si so that’s what I searched for. It just so happened there was a dealership close by that had one that was really pretty. So we went…and of course my boyfriend, the reasonable, realistic one, made me look at other cars while we were there. But I was dead set on this bitch. It was lowered, had big ass rims, a nice sound system, after market exhaust, and other bells and whistles. So I bought it.
I realized very quickly, especially living downtown where lots of brick roads are present, that this thing handles like shit. I mean, SHIT. I seriously have to go less then 5 mph when going over any dip or bump in the road that’s over 5 inches. A speed bump or railroad track? Forget it.
I have to be aware of the road at all times. Not just for asshole drivers, but for potholes and manhole covers. If I wasn’t paying attention the other day and missed this pothole when I was coming out of the bank, my car would’ve got stuck in it. Seriously. My day would’ve been fuuuucctt.
This has caused some anxiety while driving. Not to mention we can’t take my car on road trips which totally blows because it’s great on gas.

So, future Lauren, even though your current car is really pretty, when it comes time to purchase a different car (which is a year and eight months away) you’re going to have to be an adult and buy a grown up car. Something with heated seats and bluetooth or whatever.

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